Edward M

Professional Information - CV

I am Edward M and a unemployed developer. Possess a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in philosophy.

My last developer job was at a fortune five company as a tech lead. We produced internal APIs using IIB (IBM Integration Bus). For us this was predominantly ESQL and some Java.

I have no desire to do that anymore.

Trying to change my tech stack to be golang(Go) focus. My efforts post employment have been to further this goal.

Professional Dev Experience Breakdown

- QA:        One Year
- QA Lead:   One Year 
- Developer: One Year
- Tech Lead: Two Years  
- -------
- Total Work Experince 4 to 5 years

Language Experience

Golang - Working with it sense 2019 I rather enjoy working with. Its a fast language that makes it easy to

Java 2011 - 2020 - No Spring experience - Some Skill Leakage due lack of utilization in past two years. - I’ve been doing Java since high school

Lesser Experience Language

JavaScript((JS) Node JS), C, LUA, HTML/CSS


Docker - Working with it sense 2019 If you do any development personally you’ll almost have to learn docker to save yourself time. Containerization is such a nice thing being able to spin up services when needed for testing and integration, and then being able to just throw it away.
Kubernetes - Working with sense 2020 I have more experience with Kubernetes due it being a more complex system; which may be study and learn more about it. This complexity does allows for much greater customization and modularity. Then allows for it be easy hosting setup to web services(Linode, AWS, etc..).

Pipeline creation

I have created and maintained a pipeline before, but mostly in my professional position I was just a dev not a DevOps person.

Jenkins build automation, Test Automation(Unit & Integration Testing)Code Sniffing integration, GitHub Actions, Multi-environment (Dev/QA/Prod/Stress)

Helped containerize the 115+ services in my ownership professionally

General Computer Skills

REST & SOAP - I have created a good number of REST and some SOAP APIs. Worked with Swagger and OpenAPI documentation created and implemented

DNS, Web Certs, Ingress, CORS, Firewall Ports, VLANS: Anything in between the host server and client I have worked with before. Cause anytime you leave your network your most likely going to have an issue . Am I an expert no, but I can navigate them in relation to API integration. Plus working with kube gives you decent amount of experience with network related fields.

Linux/GNU developer. If I could I stay in the CLI for the most part. I have some experience with Windows, but stay away if I can . BSD also has a special place in my heart

Hardware: I have assembled all my boxes: Workstation(Debian, Arch, Windows), NAS (TrueNAS), Routes (pfSense).


Team Lead: So I have the pleasure of leading and onsite and offsite Teams before. QA and DEV it’s not that difficult just less time making things. Just make sure they have everything they need to complete there work/stories and keep up with people who owe your team things while keeping in mind your deadlines. Plus there is some admin things that go along with it, but it just paper work so it straightforward “usually”.

I’m a certified Agile practitioner (Or was i think I’m suppose to pay them to keep it annually) . I have done Agile my entire time

Being a little too professional is the standard, but don’t make be do all day. Leave me alone for a few hours.

I tend to make notes especially on task that are new, previous employers have used them as guidelines. I am not talking about like meeting minutes more like: we have a new external team were working with identifying key personal with in that org and how there system works and how to best integrate with it.

Non Professional Information - Personal

I am Ed and I like to make stuff.

I’m currently stuck into go web development, but I am not gonna lie Rust is looking rather good from this angle.

Been power lifting since I was a lad. When wood wasn’t god awful expensive I use to make things out of that.

Non-tech jobs I have held: bouncer(biker bar, strip club, regular bars), personal security, chauffeur, floorer, general contractor, apt. maintenance, mover, & one or two more I’m sure I have forgotten.