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Conduit | Appalachian-bastion

Group messaging web application with a focus on the group’s control of its own commuinty message policy and admittance. Once it’s in working order then to expand it’s feature set to ‘flashy’ items.

Is more a study into golang web devlopment and devops. With a fouce on selfhosting and kubernetes.

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Ed m

A Hugo site to host my notes that I make during devlopment of personal projects.

No theme.

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Arch Install | UEFI GRUB NVIDIA SLIM KDE | 221107

Arch Install 221108_1807 Prelude I was running in to some ergo issues with my dev laptop running Manjaro. I wanted a desktop the laptop and dock was being a pain. So I decided to go ahead make a desktop and do an arch install. Read More…

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220827 minikube addon ingress-dns MKCERT: VALID HTTPS CERTIFICATES FOR LOCALHOST Using mkcert to quickly create certificates for testing and development environments cert-manager Config CA Setting up local Cert-Manager Oliver Coding Installing Keycloak helm install \ cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager \ --namespace cert-manager \ --create-namespace \ --version v1. Read More…