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EDIT(221004):This was suppose to be for a like forum dev thing, expect I never finished

[Devember2021] Hello world 2: The Electric boogaloo

Hello world 2: The Electric boogaloo

…and now we draw the rest of the owl

Problem Statement: a group messaging that is alt discord(text)(I don’t know who they are going to sell to) and me and the boi’s want a place that is off a big platform, but there’s a problem I don’t want to explain what IRC is and matrix seems ify, plus I am software engineer thingy so why don’t I just make my own.

This is really just a study into kube and go with external given public deadline for that pride hit if failure ensues.

This will be more of a Infra and less code, but if I get the infra a good spot(It never will be) I can get some good feature creep going.

Minimum Viable Product

“Users can login and see and post message to the group”
Registered User can login
Registered User can Logout
Registered User can Edit User Information
Registered User Once logged in
Can See List of "Servers" they are IN
Can "Enter" "Servers" they are part of
Once in "Server" They can post messages attached to their User
Read Message History of the "Server"
“Time Allowing”
Invite Users via Email
Invited Users can register
Have "Server" "Admin" group
Can Invite New Users to platform
Add register Users that are part of that server to Admin Group
Can Edit Information about the "Server"
Messages Have Timestamps

TLDR; Text Discord, but different, but really just a disguised study into Kube and go


What I got so far(Planned)

Golang – Services

Kubernetes - (Trying Learn)(Yes I know I don’t need it)

Keycloak – I am not writing my own user management system + Postgres + OAuth

Lets Encrypt – TLS + CertManger

Nginx – Ingress

Note: this will all be hosted on the Linode (but I used my free credits up long ago lol).

Next Expected Deliverables: Status Update Git Link Maybe some yaml(this will be changing daily tho)