33MB of yaml later | 211105

33MB of yaml later

Okay I have gave up on due this with just kube, and getting some help with from Helm.

I am switching from linode domains handling to cloudflare cause I can’t get the DNS01 to work correctly with the web hook function of cert-manager. There is this Linode Community Post from sub one year. Two personal from that post give two chart Git One Git Two that try and deal with this. I can’t get them to work for some reason or another(I assume I don’t wtf am doing the more I work on this). Cloudflare is a supported DNS01 provider of cert-manager. That transfer is in progress now so i just have that working when that is done.

[85%] helm keycloak/postgres [55%] ingress with tls [-20%] actual development

Some Finds along the way

  • Lens a k8 “ide” it just a kube dashboad with some nice options, but I have run into an issue with custom definitions
  • Oliver Coding Blog so found this blog post that outlines at lot of what I am trying to do for the most part
    • Note: the keycloak chart values are little out of date. I will push mine once I get them closer finalized


should have some more time to work on this as this month winds down due to things.

For some reason I really don’t enjoy Helm, Id rather just work with k8 yaml no charts. I know I properly wrong, but just find helm annoying for some reason.

also might try haproxy