211108 | Ed-M.dev

Progress 211108_1203

  • ingress controller is operation(haproxy)
  • cert-manger is operational
  • keycloak is operational
    • more testing of full functionally is still needed, but initial smoke test everything seems to as it should

GitHub: has been updated with helm values and cluster issuers

Next items

  • Get a better understanding of the realms and how to best operate keycloak
  • test the email validation for user sign-up
  • plan out the structure of the date of what is need for a user sign up.

Future item (In no particular order)

  • get app up working with some go bones
    • deal with the SAML login
  • plan out the data structures for all the items that I think i can deliver before the time is up
  • pick a backend (relational or not is the real question)
    • once the data is finalized(-ish) get some swagger going
  • frontend work if they exist so i guess i have to deal with that too
  • other(s)


Keycloak up and with tlsPods up and not sh*tting themselves


I did end up going with cloudflare and haproxy. I spoke to those items in the last post

Looks like we’re getting out of yaml land…