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Postal SMTP

Okay after spending some time looking around at the state of the postal. I have found a few items.

  • Postal Github and it creators and maintainer are making updates and so on, and are focused on containerization.
    • They don’t have a public docker hub from what I can tell, which is odd but I see why so you have to host the image your self if you want use stock version.
  • There is a helm version of this that is of this that was created about 2ish years ago by a Linkyard with consideration to cert-manger and ingress options which is good.
    • There is an issue tho with it being 2ish years old the kube api objects are out of date(apiVersion: apps/v1beta1) which can updated.
      • enter image description here
    • Also I am not positive but looks like readiness probes wern’t a thing at that time so initcontainers busybox containers are used to wait for the two required backend to be spun up. There also a few other things if left in would bother me so if I do end up going with would require a good amount of changes
  • There also seems to be another option to get this working and its a customized docker version of postal with some spam and anti virius running on alpine instead of using the given Ubuntu. Github tiredofit/docker-postal
    • Its in docker and on the hub which is nice save me some time plus it comes with some addon option out the box
    • So let Kompose it oof that a lot lol
    • yeah that’s is good amount of kube objects and also the those pvc are all in different volumes which i guess would work, but that seems wrong. I had to look into this while writing this,(5 mins later). It seems you can do both so hmm

So what the plan for SMTP

I am going to use both linkyard/postal-kubernetes & tiredofit/docker-postal I am going to mash them together into something that can work on kube. They will just plan kube yaml for no helm. Once I get to a place with all these object I may consider making it into working helm but maybe I have started on this I got the all the env variables files in config Mappings and respective secrets in to separate files (50+) breakdown into separate files

There is still a good amount of work to do on converting this into something that works well.


I will not be doing this Postal is kinda of mess. The tiredofit/docker-postal uses his own custom alpine image which is eh, but I tired to remove the s6 thing in that wont stop the container even it fails from what I can tell and even it do build its hug for alpine idk enter image description here

  • They don’t have a dockerhub
    • so you have to build your image. fine
      • but that image will failed then I check the git hub issue board 40+ open issue. I do think i could messaround it get it work with the base image, but have spent about a day on this. SOoooooo

NEW Mail sever time and it this one(for now…)

Docker Mail server

Docker Mail sever

and what’s this some kube support(unofficial) looky looky

I will try(again) to get mail sever on the k8..