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Keycloak “Learning”

Preamble: I have play around with keycloak before but I really don’t understand all the in’s and out. I want to learn more about it so I know all the options and constants when planning out the user structures and how the roles would interact with data. I also need some info how plan out the api’s I need to create to interact with it.

Okay I found a book on keycloak that came out this year. It happen to be on O’reilly so that subscription is coming in handy Book on keycloak

Why is a book needed, cause the documentation on how to best operate with keycloak is some limited info this I was able to stumble through to get some interaction with the keycloak but know that could be better.

Postman basic interaction

2 hours later

Application integration study with keycloak

so the book has some in good info and explains a decent amount more than the basic information . The book has an associated github with some tools for working with openid to get a better understanding of this standard(and the other) Link to Openid Playground Openid playground gives some good info ch4

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Getting along in this text mite be close to

This book seem pretty good for what I need have really only one or two hiccups. Looks like the keycloak used for this book is 3 major versions behind even tho it was released this year. It seems v11 was release July 2020(current release is 15). so eh.

keycloak 11 in the text

There is a golang section which was cool, but it just the standard req/response handlers so I will be looking to gorilla options for this after this

even has a golang section ch8 desgin thought

read time about 8 hours I am not the fasted reader plus I did most of the excises

Post Book time

Okay I did like this book for the most part(or at least for parts I found relevant which was 75%). It did good job in comparison to what is available on the web on how keycloak works and how to get it do what you want. It did go over some design points which i found useful in addition different approaches to problems with some realism through in(i.e don’t make your own Oauth framework). The goal of reading this book was get a better understanding of what I can and need to plan for when designing this app which it did. There is also some relevant information on how to just do some things I had a hard time figuring out my self. tldr book 7/10 would read if getting started with the keycloak.


I am getting back into this after sometime due to getting promoted to customer,social event, and a bender should be able to work on this full time starting 12/6. I am not sure when this contest endings(I assume end of year), but I will be continuing afterwards anyway.


@paulwratt Yeah i did see that I’m not sure how long that will take to get that thur there CSRs so i am going to fore go it for now, and put in it for it later, cause I’d like to have any emails be hosted by myself(aka Linode) than use of the paid options. I was looking at there TOS for some paid email providers and they are a lil spooky.

Next Item(s)

I am working on plan and design of the app it self now. I got the ol pen and paper out trying to stop my self from making things to complex.

So I am going to let keycloak act as centralized authorization server (crazy i know, but there are other options.) so this will allow me the most flexibility when creating roles and access, Cause I know I am going to change it a good number of time during this initial creation phase.

I am just shooting for the MVP right now( I’ve had to stop my self like 4 times already for trying to plan for the future) So that means

  • One “Sever”(Discord term(actually in the docs its called a guild))
  • One message channel
  • Only one type of User (So can read message history and post)