Keycloak Clients | 211206



clients in keycloak

so planning out the objects/clients etc…

  • I am going with conduit for the app name for now
  • so from my current understanding I am going to need
    • one for the backend(data)(conduit-backend)
      • not super positive on this on if I use a object relation mapper but just in case i think it mite be redundant
    • one for the browser app(conduit-browser)
    • one for the server side interactions api calls (conduit-server-side)


setting up default for users At least to start i am just going to have these groups I am going to lean on keycloak to handle what user have access to what servers(discord term) for now I am not postive this best way, but speed is the name of the game right now I need to get some Proof of Concept completed sooner than later.


basic test users Just some basic test users with assigned happy path roles

its noon 30. work to cont.

Openid Connect Framework

Okay the book and from last post did have some example code for using go-oidc but it did not have PKCE which seems very important. so i need to find one that does. enter image description here

There seems to be two options that le google throws back

they both seem to be good options fosite seems to be bit bigger and is not based of the vanilla go lang package so I will be going with odic.

I fell into the rabbit hole of looking in to both of these Planning next moves