Planning 11/09 | 211209


I will do the oidc integration with the code later

For now I am starting on the code for the the application now. I have started with some basic apis and middle ware for the server data type. Just gonna start basic stuff and I will build outward. I am going to integrate the keycloak SSO later. I am having trouble getting it work due to lack of understanding on my part( I have already lost like three days on that, I just need to move forward)

it can pull data

By the time you read this should be on github for this(Github Link).

Note: I did remove the infra yaml from the hub for now. I put it back later once I have the sites project structure more thought out. I know I do want everything in one repo

Short term Action items


  • Get J SON validation integrated
  • Get Channels data structure complete
    • Get Channels Service Completed
  • Get Message data structure complete
    • Get Message service Completed


  • Flesh out the UI I made the other day in NextJS with bare minimum servers,channels, and message items (just need to display what server/channel you are in plus the associated messages)
  • Connect the frontend and backend and wiggle them together for now


  • Containerize the services
    • Server
    • Channels
    • Messages
  • Containerize Next JS frontend
  • Thrown them on the cluster
    • Add them to the ha proxy
    • Check the freaking DNS

Longer Term Action Items

  • Open API ( Swagger documentation)

    I think i mite do this sooner than later I think It would help me with doing validation plus code gen for the client for the frontend

  • Integrate oidc (some how)

  • Add a database (currently using in code data store) Server List