DB Code base intergration | 211218


Docker image for postures

Bog standard nothing docker compose boilerplate docker-compose

Note I plan to turn on ssl mode(link) on later when this gets on the cluster

Using GORM for database

Documentation for this and the package it self makes this rather easy. It is extra dependency, but for now its find. I like ORMs but I understand why some don’t and agree for the most part Automigration is complete for the server struct Migration of struct done every time the service spins up

.ENV files and being smooth brain

Took me a few (*cough hours) to get the env files to work ending up using the Viper package. Works rather well. There are some random files that need to be cleaned up from some other packages trial and error, but I will make a push by the time this goes up so if you want take a gander

Will cont to work on filling out rest of the CRUD and project files directory layout will be the next items. After those items I will get to start getting to the channels once that