CRUD for Channels Service | 211223


Kinda lost with the channel addition

So In my head its straight forward, cause adding the channel obj to the Server is straight forward but integrating with the existing middleware, and mux is throwing me for a loop.


Native Postman runs like Sh*t

the native app runs like trash it eats up RAM and CPU. Not really related to this project, but I though it was interesting that is not just a me problem I notice while leaving it open. Link to Postman Performace Issues (Github)


CRUD for Channels is in a operational state.

It been pushed. Github link Postman will the CRUD

Messaging is next

Note on timeline

I am running short on time for this, because at a minimum I have the following things to complete to meet the MVP. Be Straight up I am not going to be able to finish the MVP with amount of time I have left. I will try for the first two just to see a message on the frontend.

  • Messaging CRUD
  • Frontend in some short of form
  • Containerization
  • OIDC from the keycloak