New local Drive | 220524

(EDIT 221004) I moved this is why there is gap in the devlopment (220201 ~ 220501). I also built a desk in this time


Alright I have moved to a warmer location and gotten set up

It’s been a few months and I ready to get back into this. One issue fresh install of the OS, I still have the code repo, but setting it back up will still be required not much but something. Also maybe some skill leakage(I forgot some stuff)


So the sql setup code I had made this rather easy, but even with notes it apparels the roles for each of the service user need to pushed into the correct ownership roles for there tables.

permission not allowed

Easy fix

As the super user just alter the ownership of the table

Not Really an issue, but I will need to try this again and get this automated some how. I will throw that on the list. Then add some test test for each of the services to confirm that it works before running. That can be done later once a CI pipeline has been made and an other item to add to the list.