Trying Kraft for this project | 220531


So I am starting with Choreography pattering so that means going with Kafka I have worked with MQ in the past but the future is now.

So looking at the documentation for Kafka there is new feature that been in the tested in Kafka for a few years (since 2020) that removes the required zookeeper meta manager under the title KRaft


Which is also the same spelling as Kraft Foods so gotta use those "" "" when searching for it

So this adds a consensus layer into the Kafka and thus removes the additional zookeeper app needed to run kafka. Granted is has additional labels that go along with like Not Ready for Production and For Testing. So I am going to use it anyway cause If I am gonna be doing the learning mite as well be new material. I mean its not like it companies don’t upgrade for years causing large technical debt cause it expensive and entropy (Right? Right..)

Let me see if I can get it working.