Getting Kraft Container Working | 220601


Getting Kafka to some operational state

So I got the KRaft to work I think, then I realized I really didn’t understand all that much about Kafka and using the new stuff leaves documentation rather low, but whatever.

Okay it seems to working with it kakfa-go I looked back my notes and still want to go with this package to interface with Kafka with. Even tho on the readme it seems to only support Kafka up to 2.6.1 and I am using Kafka with KRaft turned on in 3.2. Would appear Apache backward compatibility is working with at least this simple example.

producer and consumer

I have some idea of what I need to do

I think I need to add add producer events and consumer events to the services that I have created. Each of the services will have the REST way for clients to send CRUD operations, then for inter-service communications between services they would use Kafka producer and consumer. I’m not positive if need to replicate the CRUD operations for the events, but I know I will have to have at least approve/decline. So I think I will start with that for channels and servers. Then add CRUD event support as needed for now.

I’ve found that having only these simple services it making it difficult to think about. When I look at more complex examples of this pattern with 4 or more services and many more transactions types it some how makes for sense for some reason. My services don’t really do all that much which makes me think I’m over thinking it idk.