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Okay while looking through the code for the channels I realized I had not run it since moving everything to a new drive and while also looking at it kinda confused.

So while I did created the DB User for the channel service, I did not do anything else so for future me I am going to write it down, but eh SQL queries I left my self in file were a big help

  • Have the Super user create the Database with the owner set to the new service db user.
  • Log in to the new db user and connect to that new Database
  • Add your extension that you need, and confirm they are there
  • Create the Table with your columns
  • Last Note: You have been putting the queries in file in database/ folder of each other services use those and keep making them until you have a ci pipeline do for you or at least some automation/script/Dockerfile something do it for you.

So I added a get every channel in to the get handler and model rather straight forward. This was more a way to make sure the service still works. I also never did add the Delete,Update to the model at all. Looking at it I need to rework how the URI server id/channel id works cause I am have confused myself with this seemly simple thing.

I think I am going to tighten up the channel service to at least match the server service before I put all my big brain Saga plans into action.

Personal Notes I keep catching myself saying there are a lot parts in this thing a few times while working on this. This is new idk why maybe I am just getting old idk just an odd note.

_ Let me commit all this junk I am tiered of being in the branch no good reason.


1034 Working on fleshing out the channel service noticed I have a lot of repeat code for error handling for sql errors that could be exported it’s own package. So getting it down to add to the list of shit that needs to be completed for this.

Also moving to a new branch ate one my env files so that was annoying, but eh.