Kafka Config | 220711


Working on the kafka integration gotta find a better way to user the viper env loader package, cause I am running to problems sending the broker and env information around to different so I think I need to work on this cause I am getting this error(below) I am I have gotten it similar when bring on the other services two cause I try to not repeat code. Not a big issue, but just needs to be address.


2133 Okay this was and easier than I though you can put multiple paths to the viper for the same file name. So this just put the absolute pwd. This is labeled in their docs Link to Github Readme fix

2217 Alright I got some ability to Read messages I went with whole another runner for this, I thought about having the reader run on the same runner as the rest service. I decided against this for now and I guess I could integrate them if later if needed to make it easier to development.

okay thinking about it I need to rethink the have the one service bus cause it seems like the number of partitions will work the why I was thinking so I think every service will get its own consumer group group and topic