Trying to get Kafka to send Rest Messages | 220712


0251 So this is what I came up with I am positive this will change once the integration is more along, but I need to start from some where. Draft of request and response for kafka messages



sage orchestration So in the request I have the Saga with some unique id for the Saga orchestrated and the name. so I know where the to send the response.


saga transactions I don’ think this strictly necessary, but I mite need it. I would be good to know even if not really needed currently


Request Data This self explanatory this will be the data if any needed to be sent to the other services


Type + Body

Type and body So I have a quick type I mite change that to response code like the http response codes.Then for the body this would be where error or the wanted response. I mite end up using the type in case sending a is not needed in a no content.

Okay I am working on the struct for the message type for in go and I was thinking do I want two different ‘styles’. So I can keep the style of request/response or or hear me out I have a sub struct with a data/body. I am not sure

2159 So I changed some things around with Message for compensation from my planing earlier. to this Event Message Struct

I know I will move and change this around has time progresses. I think having the name and id isn’t really necessary once I come with a better system of just pick one.

I am not speed.

So I got it to send the message type, but the issues it its very slow. I am guessing cause its not sending them until it fills up or something. I really have no clue gonna try and figure it it out now enter image description here

2201713_0008 Okay there seems to be post on this. Its just as I thought it seems I don’t fully understanding the package. Github -Issue

Unrelated:Thought this was interesting. Go 1.18 Generics