Messing around with Kafka | 220713


Wtf is the key used for in Kafka I saw the key inside of the go-kafka for the writer and wasn’t wtf it was meant for. TIL I think it to tell kafka what partition to use. This is a little hard for I to understand is cause I’m not really using partitions (or at least on purpose) cause I not needing the redundancy on my local machine for test/development data.


Okay the slow kafka message receiving has been corrected and was a simple fix just update the writer from the default for Batch Size from 1000 messages and the Batch Timeout of 10 mil seconds. Granted I was getting more than a 10 mil second delay but whatever same second sent and received


1530 So I am at the point where I need to setup the Mux to grab the intended transaction from the event message and I am no quite sure where I should plug in at so I can try and re use the handlers for the rest. The issue with that I am going to need to pass some http.Response/http.Request which I am going to make/pass and then drop later. The other option thats in my head would be to make new ones that plug right into the model functions directly enter image description here

Use Existing HandlersMake new Event Message Handlers
++ Reuse code– Make all new Handlers
– Passing un-needed Data++ Limit what function other service have access to. (cause not every service needs the ability to everything the Rest service does)
++ Some Error Catching is already there++ Don’t Need to Deal with request/headers/ http things
++Smaller Code base

.. I am sure I forgetting or not thinking of some items

I still not sold on which is better or what I am suppose to do. I am going to try and use the existing handler with casting tom foolery to try and not have two handlers do about the same thing.


Alright that wasn’t that painful. Instead of trying to plug into services at handler level what if I just start at the beginning. Just send a HTTP Request. Granted this may cause some items that need be checked once in the cloud with CORS, TLS, and even have each services-event manger to have credentials. These are all items for future me but I think I understand how to deal atleast two of those. So sending a http request

Sorry for the wide Screen, but So the Server REST API, The Server Event Message Reader, then writer triggering. Completed all with in the same second which was cool

Alright Now I Need to do the writer part to send message back to the send that all work or did not.