OOP in go Stuggle to understand | 220727


_2337 Trying to OOP in go sure is fun. The more I do it the more fun it is…

Just realized I am going to need to rework this saga again enter image description here

For the Execute interface for the transaction command I made each of the sub interfaces(classes in my head) take in an interface so you can pass anything to the sub Transactions Commands. Just using it cause there are few types of commands can be broken into. I spoke about this yesterday. But I just came to the conclusion right now that the empty structs I was making to accompany it have something later to call it with. I just realized I could just stick what I need in and just remove the incoming parm of the interface. Not a major thing just made me feel dumb cause I did some big brain thing about this I thought then when I went to implement it for the first time I noticed. Meh O well just thought give some insight. Cause this taking a lot of code to get working.