Keycloak update 19.0+ | 220820


_0820 Been sick as fuck this week.

So I am getting the keycloak back up and running. I have run into an issue with the chart i was using bitnami is behind a major release (18.0.2 vs. 19.0.1). I am looking into what features/fixes I am missing if I move forward with weather just sticking with bitnami or trying to copy/pasta something together make a new chart with updated version.

Changes via there blog post Keycloak 19.0.0 Changelog

_ Okay looking through the notes there are some changes based in trying to make the project more cloud complement. The major change that is noticeable is the admin panel has gotten a face lift

Link to quickspin up yaml Incase you want to see and play with it

The UI change is defiantly is changes and it moved a lot of things around. Would like to try the new email workflow feature of a link back for confirmation(some day lol).

Now I have to decide do I think it work it to try make own chart to support this change or just wait for bitnami.


Alright after looking into the bitnami timeline it seems they know it needs to be updated. Granted there is no time for this and it mite be done by community makes me thing it will be a at least a few weeks.

“As it is a new major version we need to perform different manual actions in our internal test & release pipeline, that’s why the new version is not automatically released. Once done those actions, we will release a new version and update this GH issue.”

Also note bitnami moved everything into a mono-repo last month: “New Source of Truth”. So if you look up some of there old repos it may take you one that is not in the mono repo and be read only. I ran into this so just be aware.

So I think I am going to just use the current bitnami and wait for 19.0.1 . Then look to upgrading it later just gotta compartmentalize the TLS, persistence storage, certs, secrets, and so on.