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External Notes

So like many developers before me I am starting a project in the middle of another one.

I am going to do what so many have done before my self, just create a dev blog things, but I do not like the idea of a blog so I am just going to create a site where I can put my dev notes with a link back to advertises to my self. I have be posting my notes to a forum and think I should stop spamming there cause it seems like it’s really not warranted or something I think I just like a place for these notes to live.

So what do I need a static site and keep it simple and cheap cause this something I plan doing for the rest of my most likely life.

I would like to try and make this using HUGO. which is just a simple CMS and web framework for generating static sites using markdown for the content. Which just seems to fit my needs rather nicely. I am sure there are some things that will not, but from what I can tell from 1000ft up it would appear to fit.

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