Update 09/21 | 220921


Update on hugo notes site


So the Progress has been coming along, over the last week. (https://ed-m.dev)

Work Progress

Been learning and getting better and Hugo implementation and css/frontend.

  • Got basic tags working
  • Summary on the homepage(mite need to tune this some more)
  • Added a subtitle Front matter parms to singles and partial to combine them
  • and probably some more things I forgot about.

SC of  home page in current state

outstanding Issues encounter

I am stuck on a few things right now.

I can’t seem to get my preferred date format(YYMMDD_HHMM) to work cause I can’t call int Month on the time function in go with in Hugo. This was a like 6 days ago, and I have know more about working with Hugo functions/variables

Local fonts are not working idk about that I assume Its just not getting and is simple

One I would like to change in the md->html rendering, but can’t seem to find really how to do it. So let me see if can explain each block of text(so like a “words words /n /n” ) in the markdown file is rendered into a p html tag. I would prefer these be a div instead cause there tends be a better break between each of them. I’m sure there should be a work around for this in css, but I can’t figure it out; and I’m far from being an css expert, just enough to be dangerous. enter image description here

I tired to take the {{.Content}} and replace it each of the each of the p tags and just add an br/ tag to the end of it. It did what I wanted, but when it piped to the page its in quotes which means it doesn’t render into HTML. See screenshots below.

Note instead of trying to insert a div or some other tag just increase the margin on the p tags. Edit: 221004_1254

I was trying a few things

Yeah this ain’t working

What’s next.

  • I am not a fan of how the singles pages looks. Want to work on readability and it just doesn’t feel right. Granted I kinda have the feeling for the most of the site, but the singles are the highest on that list.
  • Get the code highlighting for with the renderhook to not look shit.
  • Re organize the CSS. A lot of it is stepping on other classes styles and so on
    • If can get break it down in separate files for better organization
  • Get the local fonts to work I was looking at the time to DL the font in the chromium dev tools and it was like 75% of the load time. Granted still small but why not and limit dependencies.
  • Do the notes & projects _index.md and layouts.

Then once I am complete with every and mostly happy with the site

  • Move all the notes on my local machine over
    • add all the necessary front matter and think hard over the tags good and hard maybe create a file in Data to keep info and better.
  • Make it easy for me create my notes with some .profile for bash/zsh edits to add some shortcuts
  • Learn more about robot.txt and < meta > to see if can get the site out and maybe have some else beside me read these, but either way
  • Figure out how I make so ppl can email me while fighting the bots from spamming
  • Get it on the Web for as cheap as possible

I am sure I’ll find some more items as they come to me.