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Current Progress

Current Progress

The "{{.IsDescendant $anotherPage}}" is still working from yesterday to change the layout for depending of depth dir in notes.

Getting all tags for a given project and counting the occurrences


I would like get all the tags for a given project and then have a number for how many times they appeared to do things. I am not positive yet if just going to be a weight thing or just throw the number next to it. then if you click on it do something.

Attempt 1

So I tired to have a slice of dictators with the key word being the term it self and value being how many times it has occurred. Well that was the plan anyway, but when I tired to use the in keyword in hugo to try and search the slice for the maps key it doesn’t work that nice

<!-- Note this does not work --> 
<div  class="project all-tags container">
	{{$sliceName := slice}}
	{{$d1 := dict  "tagName1"  4}}
	{{$d2 := dict  "tagName2"  2}}
	{{$d3 := dict  "tagName3"  7}}
	{{$sliceName = append  $d1  $sliceName}}
	{{$sliceName = append  $d2  $sliceName}}
	{{$sliceName = append  $d3  $sliceName}}
	<div>Output of Slice Name: {{$sliceName}}</div>
	{{if  in  $sliceName  "tagName1"}}
		| true |
	| false |

Output: Output of Slice Name: [map[tagName1:4] map[tagName2:2] map[tagName3:7]] | false |

I am going to play with this for a while to see if can get something similar to work.

Attempt 1.1

Try with Scratch

Gotta play with this a little

Does the NewScratch Overwrite maps with same key or throw an error?

{{$data:= newScratch}}
{{$data.SetInMap  "projectTags"  "tagName1"  5  }}
{{$data.SetInMap  "projectTags"  "tagName1"  7  }}

Output: >{map[projectTags:map[tagName1:7]] {{0 0} 0 0 0 0}}

It overwrites

Just found out that Hugo does not have a get via key function. So it looks like I will have to create my own

Go and hug your normal programming language

Nevermind it kind does have a Get function for slices and maps. It’s call index (for some reason…)

Attempt 2


{{$data:= newScratch}}

{{$data.SetInMap  "projectTags"  "tagName1"  5  }}

{{$data.SetInMap  "projectTags"  "tagName1"  7  }}

{{$data.SetInMap  "projectTags"  "tagName2"  69  }}

{{$data.SetInMap  "projectTags"  "tagName3"  420  }}

{{$temp := $data.Get  "projectTags"}}

Collection of maps:s{{$temp}}<br/>

Whats at "tagName1" : {{index  $temp  "tagName1"}}<br/>

Whats at "tagName666" : {{index  $temp  "tagName666"}}<br/>

{{if (index  $temp  "tagName1") }}

The Check for key "tagName1" has found something: {{index  $temp  "tagName1"}}<br/>


The Check for key "tagName1" has found NOTHING <br/>


{{if (index  $temp  "tagName666") }}

The Check for key "tagName666" has found something<br/>


The Check for key "tagName666" has found Nothing {{index  $temp  "tagName666"}}<br/>


Output: Collection of maps:smap[tagName1:7 tagName2:69 tagName3:420]
Whats at “tagName1” : 7
Whats at “tagName666” :
The Check for key “tagName1” has found something: 7
The Check for key “tagName666” has found Nothing

Alright will this experimentation complete I think have all the necessary understanding to do this in combination with my tag work prior to this.

Complete Base Logic Complete


{{with  .Param  "projectName"  }}

<!-- Set the Current Project Name that we will looking for it's Pages-->

{{$projectname := .}}

<!-- Intilize a newScratch to hold the collections of maps of tags them self and number of times they appear in the project's notes -->

{{$projectTagsCollection:= newScratch}}

<!--These 2 need to be Intilized and set or you'll get some nil errors-->

{{$projectTagsCollection.SetInMap  "projectTags"  "DELETE-ME"  "Once Done - Use me and throw me away"  }}

{{$tempMap := dict  "Just-Need-To-Initialize-This"  666  }}


<!-- Loop over each of the Pages matching the given projectname -->

{{range  where site.Pages  "Params.project"  $projectname}}

<!-- Loop over each of the tags for a given Page -->

{{  range  .Params.tags  }}

<!--Set tempMap to the "projectTags" from inside projectTagsCollection-->

{{$tempMap = $projectTagsCollection.Get  "projectTags"}}

<!-- Check to see if Tag is in the collection of maps-->

{{if (index  $tempMap  .)}}

<!-- If the current Tag is already in the Collection of maps Key-->

<!-- We take the value at that tag and add one to it and set it to a temp-->

{{$plusOne := add (index  $tempMap  .) 1}}

<!-- Then the new couter value is overwritten at the current tags key value in the collection of project tags -->

{{$projectTagsCollection.SetInMap  "projectTags"  .  $plusOne}}


<!-- If the current Tag is NOT in the Collection of maps Key-->

<!-- Then we add to the collection with value of 1 -->

{{$projectTagsCollection.SetInMap  "projectTags"  .  1}}

<!-- I want to limit the exposer place holder DeleteMe so I delete it as soon as there is another key inserted -->

<!-- Yes I am aware that its a waste to keep this here for every new tag-->
{{$projectTagsCollection.DeleteInMap  "projectTags"  "DELETE-ME"}}

{{end}} <!--end of if -->

{{end}}<!-- end of range of tags -->

{{end}}<!-- end of pages that make project name -->


{{$projectTagsCollection.Get  "projectTags"}}


Output: map[bitnami:1 devblog:2 ingress:1 keycloak:2 kubernetes:1 local-dns:1 minikube:1 postgres:1]

With my current number of post/notes these tags do indeed add up.


Alright I am done with that side quest Indeed