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_0655 So I have come to one of the things I have been dreading, writing an about page. Due to I hate writing about my self or really even thinking about myself.

So I wanted to put relevant information on it about relevant.

Do I go full CV on it or leave it more sparse and open to inquiry

If I could put what I really like I would put large unemployed bald man looking to get railroaded by golang dev job.


That took longer than I thought it would even tho it was the most simple overall to do.

Heres a SClil mobile test

Think I going to swap out that the creepy photo I made of my self with Unicode Rook. Seems less like I am fucking wiredo, gotta that under the wraps kek.

Tags Page


So I did a little work when I first implemented tags, but the page it self is trash.

Would like to break it down by project then tags. I think I can reuse some of the code I already have for that maybe, then under that just all the tags. I am not positive how often people really use tags. I use them more to understand what the content is about prior to reading not really searching for it. I guess that mite be a good thing to have sense I don’t plan adding a search at his time.