Q: What is this.?

Answer: A collection of developer notes pertaining usually to web development and adjacent fields.

At minimum these are notes directed toward myself for future recollection. I am usually learning something so some notes may contain partial incorrect information. I do not claim to be an expert on anything and that any code here should not be used for production nor is best practice.

211110 | Ed-M.dev

Project - Conduit

SMTP I had limited interactions with SMTP really only inputting provided cred to use one that was already set up for some bot related work professionally to integrate with an API Read More…

Planning 11/09 | 211209

Project - Conduit

211209 I will do the oidc integration with the code later For now I am starting on the code for the the application now. I have started with some basic apis and middle ware for the server data type. Read More…

211108 | Ed-M.dev

Project - Conduit

Progress 211108_1203 ingress controller is operation(haproxy) cert-manger is operational keycloak is operational more testing of full functionally is still needed, but initial smoke test everything seems to as it should GitHub: has been updated with helm values and cluster issuers Read More…

Backend to Frontend | 211207

Project - Conduit

211207 BFF Backend for Frontend I have been looking into how best how to handle the Nextjs front end with the backend services. Which is something I didn’t really think about until I start writing application code cause the token to the frontend with no issue but using that token to with real concern, but how to best hand off that login ed in user to the backend came with some issues(more vagueness). Read More…

Keycloak Clients | 211206

Project - Conduit

211106 Clients so planning out the objects/clients etc… I am going with conduit for the app name for now so from my current understanding I am going to need one for the backend(data)(conduit-backend) not super positive on this on if I use a object relation mapper but just in case i think it mite be redundant one for the browser app(conduit-browser) one for the server side interactions api calls (conduit-server-side) Groups At least to start i am just going to have these groups I am going to lean on keycloak to handle what user have access to what servers(discord term) for now I am not postive this best way, but speed is the name of the game right now I need to get some Proof of Concept completed sooner than later. Read More…

33MB of yaml later | 211105

Project - Conduit

33MB of yaml later Okay I have gave up on due this with just kube, and getting some help with from Helm. I am switching from linode domains handling to cloudflare cause I can’t get the DNS01 to work correctly with the web hook function of cert-manager. Read More…

Conduit init | 211017

Project - Conduit

EDIT(221004):This was suppose to be for a like forum dev thing, expect I never finished [Devember2021] Hello world 2: The Electric boogaloo Hello world 2: The Electric boogaloo …and now we draw the rest of the owl Read More…